University of Warwick Trampoline Club Tramps Trampolining


We hold drop-in training sessions 4 times a week, which you can come to as many or few sessions as you want, making us one of the most flexible clubs on campus!

Monday 3:45pm – 5:45pm Desso Hall
Wednesday 10:30am – 1pm Desso Hall
Thursday 3:30pm – 5:30pm Desso Hall
Friday 3pm – 5:30pm Desso Hall


We have a range of coaches to suit your indvidual ability and level. Most of our coaches are student volunteers and all of our coaches are qualified through either UK Gymnastics or British Gymnastics.

Suzanne Cox UKCC Level 3 Module 2
William Gower UKG Level 3
Rebecca Hallam UKCC Level 2
Lydia Carter UKCC Level 1
Rachel Collie UKCC Level 1
Nicole Sears UKCC Level 1
Manar Aidaros UKG Level 1
Rohithan Carthigeya UKG Level 1
Leila Fuerst UKG Level 1
Christopher Geradts UKG Level 1
Daniel Goodbourn UKG Level 1
Georgia Simcox UKG Level 1
Victoria Wynne UKG Level 1